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web and app development


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We're a small team that live and work together — the textbook definition of Midwestern tech. For the past four years, our team has been creating the internet and developing tools for developers to help them develop faster, stronger, and better websites and applications.


We call the internet our home away from home, but a year ago we felt something was missing from our internet garden. That something was local Minnesota businesses and entrepreneurs. So, we decided it was time to start working with clients directly, particularly those who we share this great state with.


Our unique background and nimble dynamic enable us to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that other firms simply cannot. To achieve this we've spent an exorbitant amount of time learning and integrating the latest technologies, methods, and trends. For us, continuous improvement isn't a quarterly requirement but rather a ten-hour weekly highlight in the pursuit of knowledge.


From building a simple website for an aspiring entrepreneur to a complex web or mobile application for a Fortune 500 company nothing is off the table. However, we only take on projects where we feel we can best leverage our talents and abilities to make the largest possible impact. Minnesota nice is our motto so there's no need to be shy. You can contact us through the contact form below, by email at, or give us a call at (952) 239-2071.



Johnnie Project manager as well as the client-point developer. Johnnie's focus is on user experience and ensuring your vision is part of every decision we make.


Te Primary developer and designer who uses code to turn real world ideas into online realities. Using a combination of the latest and time-tested technologies coupled with application specific testing your business and customers are in good hands.


Kyle Growth expert that untangles the sound from the noise. Through applying individualized techniques alongside crafted tools Kyle leverages your online presence to target your ideal customer.


Due to our unique background, the majority of our work currently consists of code-based solutions that are difficult to showcase. However, here's a few front-end projects that we have developed that help us build faster, better, and stronger websites. Hopefully, in the near future, we can showcase your project here as well.


(952) 239-2071